Inclement Weather Policy

Golfer on a Rainy Day Golfer on a Rainy Day Leaving the Golf Course (the game is annulled because of the storm)

1) One horn blast means mark your ball, do not play any more shots and clear the course.

2) Two horns means resume play.

3) During the week, if a match begins and at least one hole has been completed, but the match cannot be completed on the day it started (due to inclement weather) then whichever player was winning the match when the horn blasted to stop play is declared the winner. If it is tied then rule 4.

4) During the week, if a match does not get played on the day it is scheduled (due to inclement weather) then the higher seeds wins the match.

5) Special “FINALS Saturday”, rule the following matches:
a) Men’s Championship
b) 1st Flight championship
c) Ladies Championship
d) Champions Men’s Championship
e) Sr. Men’s Championship
f) Jr. Boy’s Championship
g) Jr. Girl’s Championship
h) Scramble Championships
On “FINALS Saturday”, the above matches will also follow rule #3, however rule #4 will only be used if one or both players are not available to play on the Sunday between 9-9:30 a.m. (weather permitting)

6) The intent of the Tamarack committee is to have all matches decided on the golf course. Unfortunately this is not always possible. At the discretion of the Tamarack committee regarding the flights listed in section #5, the committee (if & when possible) through special arrangements will make their best attempt to have these matches completed by the next day.