Men's Club

The Tamarack Men’s Club has great equity for the yearly fee associated with being a member.

The club has 110 spots set aside for the annual Tamarack Golf Tournament for men’s club members.

Men’s club members fill these spots so that the member does not have to go through the random draw process.

Also part of your Club fee is a chance to play in our yearly spring meeting golf day and take part in the AGM. Members pay for their golf that day but receive a free meal after the round.

Members also have a vote on any business that is brought to the membership by the Tamarack Committee.

A yearly fee of $63.00 GST included, is payable at the same time as registration for the yearly Tamarack Golf Tournament. All Men’s Club Members are also required to volunteer 4 hours every 2 years at the annual Tamarack Golf Tournament.

If a member is not able to take part in the tournament their yearly fee must be paid through the online procedure before the March 31st deadline or that member will be removed from the list and the next person on the wait list will become a member.

For further Assistance or Questions, please contact our Men’s Club Director David Newman (204) 573-4371

Click here to see the current Men’s Club List. Updated as of January 12, 2019.